Pablo Saccinto 

Figure Ice Skater & Photographer 

I have been traveling the world since 2010, working as a professional ice-skater with Disney on Ice, bringing Disney magic to families worldwide.
For over ten years I have worked with people from all over the globe, visiting over 20 countries in America, Asia, and Europe.

The years on tour allowed me to develop many skills, including working with the PR Department in media, doing TV interviews with CNN, Telemundo, and Univision for the Latin market in the United States and Internationally. 

In 2015 I bought my first professional camera, deciding I wanted to pursue a career in photography. My travel experiences provided me with extraordinary landscapes, city scapes, and talented people to photograph which open the door to exhibit some of my photographs at Cerbera Fine Art Gallery located in Kansas City, USA. 
In the past few years, became a contributing photographer for a variety of fashion and fitness magazines including DNA magazine, and Fashionably Male magazine dedicated to the LGBTQA+ community. You can get your copy at Barnes and Noble and major distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and UK.

Also self published a photo magazine called Narcissus Rosa, showcasing some of my contemporary male photography with a style. You will recognize in my work those deep current of passion that allow for an unfettered exploration of human physicality and sexuality. 
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Living my dream of being a performer, traveling around the globe with a selected group of talented ice skaters, whilst perusing my passion for photography.
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